• Automate replenishment.
    Optimize resizing.

    Create an action plan for every part in minutes. Monitor inventory status for 1,000s of parts in real-time, and quickly identify what needs immediate attention.
    Automatically adjust material plans for volatile lead times, and supplement forecasts with actual demand.
    Automate replenishment tasks collaboratively with suppliers for ROP, Min/Max, Kanban, or MRP parts.

  • Deploy quickly, without risk.

    With little more than a web browser, you can activate a single cell or a subset of parts and produce measurable results quickly without the risk of a huge IT project. Rollout iteratively to additional parts, suppliers, and plants with simple ERP integration.
    An intuitive web interface consolidates order actions, status and details – no emails, faxes, or spreadsheets to maintain. Collaborate with suppliers using quality data you can share and trust.

  • A Proven Platform for Lean Plants and Suppliers.

    Turnsmith for Plants empowers materials managers and plant floor personnel to manage thousands of parts with automation that simplifies order management and optimizes eKanban signals throughout the plant. Real-time analysis tools flag stock-out risks and recommend kanban actions, sustaining a dynamic plan for every part, prioritized by financial impact.
    Turnsmith for Suppliers generates real-time order signals and, through a simple web portal, suppliers can confirm, ship, and even send ASNs. Granular historical data improves supplier collaboration and performance.

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